Life was like a moonless night shrouded in the stars

Four newish obsessions
1. Paul Smith Fisheye Lomo camera

2. Palm size Fred Flare camera

3. Alex and Chloe Rings

4. Linea Pelle pyramid studded bracelets
I'll be daydreaming for today 

I'm not sure how this pyramid stud infatuation came upon me though 


Anonymous said...

that paul smith camera is sick. and studs are always a plus. definitely good obsessions.

thanks for linking me!


Anonymous said...

hey baby, how are you?
i'm feeling rather awful right now, i'd say. but i won't go into detail in here :s

Domonique said...

I love your little blog, came across i tonight. It's quite unique compared to some that I read!

Love the poloroid post!

ginny said...

ahhh, love the alex and chloe rings. and the paul smith camera. okay, i love everything.

haha, maybe being a chocolate addict attracted me to the camera. but it is pretty.

that's good to hear about the camera. i hate waiting forever to have a picture taken.

but, anyways, thank you so much for your comment :) :)

Anonymous said...

no problem, your site is great.

yea, i only recently discovered the row video, but it's so simple yet chic. i wish there were more editorial pics of Row clothing, they really come to life on a body.

Andy said...

I love that kind of bracelets and earrings!
Check out my blog.

Mimi said...

That 1st cam is awesome.Love the bracelets also a lot.