It's such a mess

Who are your current favorite style icons?

I haven't quite finalized my list yet.  hah

On a different note,
this photograph makes me laugh and idolize a bit:
and I really do enjoy some of Alexa Chung's style
ps. I was going to post some photos, however I need to get my Canon Rebel fixed and all I have is my canon powershot which just doesn't produce the same quality photos as the rebel 


ginny said...

ahhh, alexa chung. definite girl-crush (meaning i am way too jealous of her, not lesbian, gosh).

and mary-kate is so cool...but people put such a bad rap on her...

Anonymous said...

oh i really wish mary-kate was not wearing those glasses.

and for some reason i can't get into alexa's style. i know she dresses well, but yet she doesn't inspire me.

Song of Style said...

mkate used to be cool but these days her style is going outta style or sometimes unexplainable.
alexa chung is just gorgeous. love her natural look

Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

i love that studded jacket, M-K is hot..