and this is for all you super sequin glitter lovers

These dresses - I think - are far more beautiful in person. I'm not the biggest fan of sequins and glitter (I love it, just not wearing it), but these dresses are stunning (if you can afford them because they're not exactly cheap)
These pants make me giggle 

and this skirt caught my eye(s)
along with some boots


jaime said...

aww thank you darling! that's such a sweet comment :) but really i love YOUR blog and this particular post with the sequins. i love all the photos you posted, i must add you :) and aww you should post pictures of yourself! you look so cute and stylish in your profile pic!

Katoushka said...

the second dress and the boots are so fierce.

Bukuroshe said...

I love those boots!!!!! So great. Your my new fav blog!!!

Anonymous said...

i really like the first dress. it's simple yet, the gold gives off this strong confident vibe.

Domonique said...

I have to say I actually really like the silver sequin leggings/trousers. Nice finds, thanks for the sharing. Oh almost forgot the studded boots are perfection.

Anonymous said...

that skirt is amazing!

Bella said...

The 6th image!!!!! I adore it and those boots are fantastic!!!!

Actually, I'm getting a glimpse of the wicked rings in the post below... FIERCE!!

getting-freaky said...

the third dress «3
you've a nice blog! x