I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images

Well, since I am currently incapable of using my canon rebel and I'm too lazy to go use the other camera, I thought why not use the photobooth on my laptop.  
Then I remembered why I don't use it often; it produces weird splotches when I add a background, I tend to look like a monster, and the quality isn't that great.

I've been slicing shirts instead of shredding lately.

Photobucket(It was either the huge size or the tiny size because for some reason I couldn't post the readjusted size)
My puppy needs a bath already!  The other is still clean though at least. :D

ps. Thank you for comments.  :)
pps. Does anyone know how to get the layout so that the whole photograph fits?


Song of Style said...

i use either photobucket.com
or picoodle.com for my pictures.

on the other note, atlesat ur dog looks coote! lol

Mimi said...

I like it a lot.