Five things about myself (the facts):
1. I'm in 12th grade.
2. I'm a level 10 gymnast.
3. I'm such a city girl.
4. I'm asian and 5'6.
5. I'm always sore.

Fourth photo in my file folder:
Photobucket lookbook

Six things that make me happy:
1. Homemade cards and handwritten letters.
2. Fruit. Any fruit. Especially fresh fruit salad.
3. Bread, homebaked bread, including the smell.
4. The smell of my freezer.
5. My collection of books and magazines.
6. My two silly puppies.

Ten honest things about myself:
1. I have many a bruises everywhere. I'm clumsy.
2. I have way too many photos saved to my desktop, mostly editorials and fashion related.
3. I l read my magazines intensely and over and over again.
4. I loved and still love playing dress up.
5. I occasionally stand up and just start dancing.
6. I'm more of a summer kind of person, although I do love bundling up in the cold.
7. I still haven't gotten my canon rebel fixed.
8. I love little kid sets, like those project runway sketch books and design sets.
9. I read way too many blogs and watch way to many tv shows (Gossip girl, Skins, Grey's Anatomy...)
10. I check my facebook way too often.

So, I'm really not that interesting.
I tag Miss at La Playa,Jaime,Deelightful,Knightcat,Handes closet
and really whoever else hasn't done it


♥ fashion chalet said...

ahh cute blog! =]


jessica said...

i love this !
seriously :]


Antigone said...

Um.. is it me or do we have way too many thins in common ?
Asian, 1m73 ( sorry, i live in switzerland ! ), i watch too many tv shows ( skins, effy-freddy (L), Grey's Anatomy, GOssip Girl, Veronica Mars, Lost- though i stopped- , samantha who, how i met your mother, friends- though it's done .... and many others !)
I also have too many bruises on me. Right now, my two thumbs are kind of cracked up and bleeding, ( idk why ), and my elbow was scratched and it's red and bleeding. And i just noticed a giant bruise on my legs. ... : ( sigh. oh, and im like a total fbook-addicted.
:] Nice blog.