Sale days and sunny days

The January sale days are starting and I've already purchased a few items.
I feel in love instantly with a pink opium Aridza Bross black messenger bag; since I couldn't find any photos of it (except for a tiny tiny one), I'll have to take some myself.
I also bought a Tracey Tanner wallet (mine is silver though)
I've been lusting after her beautiful bracelets, but haven't bought any quite yet
And today I bought a Mike and Chris jacket from Ron Herman

My project is to write a report on and create a lookbook for a designer and a retailer, so I've decided Alexander McQueen and American Apparel. Or perhaps Lanvin (Well, Alber Elbaz).

I've been feeling a little sick lately, but my symptoms keep changing; it's quite strange.  
I hope everyone else is well though.


sarah said...

that bags so so so good x

brittany said...

loooove that bag and wallet! the cuffs are cute toooo

and where do you go to school! and what are you takingggggg cause i'd love to get an assignment like that :(

Krystal said...

the bag is divine!

Shini said...

Alexander McQueen would be my first choice too, and AA, great choice - i think it'll be a really interesting comparison...I love those bracelets...I wonder if they're within my pricezone? I'm kinda broke so here's hoping it's around $5 :P no such luck for a special piece like that :'(

Maverick said...

I love the wallet and the bracelets. THose are great!! Good luck on your project :)

xx. mavi

Maverick said...

Also- where do you go to school?


Anonymous said...

the wallet is amazing :)

feel better!

La C.