Summer air

Well it's eighty degrees in the middle of winter, but I'm enjoying it.

I want it all (T by Alexander Wang): 

Funny thing is, I was actually trying to find a shirt like this, ended up buying a grey Kain one, but these look far superior!

Anybody know where I can get these boots?!


Model Whispers said...

Karlie is amazing!

Blicious said...

Love the last pic!

Shini said...

Those boots are so great, I'd love one too please ;) lucky you have a warm winter, trust me :P

Aless & Rocío said...

I love the first dress and the T-shirts are amazings!!

Rabenschwarz said...

yay, the olsens. mhm, do you know "deichmann"? there many boots like these.
how i adore cozy tees. i love it but i'm not a a wang kid because it's to simple for me...

brittany said...

wish i knew where to find those boots. i'd loveee a pair.

and his t collection makes me so excited for summer! i can't wait to buy some perfectly worn in teeshirts

sarah said...

oh gosh i want it all x

sarah said...

oh gosh i want it all x

Stacy said...

Love the Wang shirts - they are so comfy.

chauss said...

love all this stuff !:)

Antigone said...

On Free people, or bess nyc. but they're EXPENSIVE ! : (
Oh, and the last Alexander Wang tee... the white one... I have on like this, but pink... Light pink. Pastel Pink. Haaaah : D