More glitter and studs

December has arrived, and so has the cold weather apparently - if it decides to stay.
(Marc Jacobs) You know if you really like shiny, violet, studs, and glitter.
and The Black Balloon comes out in select American theaters


Anonymous said...

i had no idea the black balloon was coming out in the usa. i'll have to go see it now.

and i love the marc bag.

Katoushka said...

ty, I really want to watch The Black Balloon so I really hope it's playing near me.

Song of Style said...

i wonder how gemma is going to be.
i recently saw the strangers and i was surprised when Gemma Wards was in the credits.
i guess she was one of the psycho strangers.


i really want to watch this movie. i heard that its great!!

Cindiddy said...

Gemma ward?? really! wow i wanna watch this movie!

first time here ! cool blog=>

Cindiddy said...

haha hey thanks for likin my blog!!

is Chloe you're real name? cause freakin LOVE it.