Everyone's a winner now, we're making that fame . Bonafide hustler making my name

I'm Chloe.  I like sunshine in winter and rain in summer, strangers who smile, dessert before meals, long letters, intricate books, vintage, chic boutiques, romantic dresses, photography, lomography, sketches, big hugs and sweet kisses, pattern, schedule, little gifts with big thoughts, long lost fairytales, quiet secrets, swings sets, icecream and fruit, elegant cakes, music, dreamy looks, daydreams, nightdreams, long written notes, every magazine there is, bubbles and balloons, new cities, playful puppies, stars at night, clouds at day, colorful umbrellas, masquerades and masks, bumps and bruises, A’s, decadent frosting, colorful clocks, bows, tights in winter, sunsets and sunrises, large rings, sleepless sleepovers, lullabys, dancing till you fall, large cities with buzzing chatter, drifting in waves, old photo albums, tape cassettes, arriving on time, klutzes, old memories, quiet libraries, drifting thoughts, rolling down hills, twirling in dresses, and you.

I especially like my fashion.

Introduce yourself if you want to.

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